Welcome To The Revue!

When we first got the notion to start the Revue, it seemed like a bigger project than we felt we were capable of accomplishing. As with all new ideas, we honestly felt this would change the world, and that was something we wanted to be proud of. Progressing further along in our challenge showed that this magazine, this brainchild of our love of art and music, was an achievable goal, and we wanted to share that achievement with the world. We want to give you the chance to help us change the way our society views literature, art, and music for the better. Our goal is to show our society that these things are for everyone, not just the elite, the inspired, or the most famous. They belong to the people, everyday folks that have a passion for what they do, or the ones who simply want a more casual way to learn, read, and soak up inspiration. Music isn’t just for the hipsters, and literature isn’t for english professors anymore. Today, we want to show you a new way of looking at life through the lenses of those time-honored mediums that made our culture what it is today, and paved the way for new methods of expression. Today, we want to show you that connection between our past and our inevitable future, and display the overwhelming hope we have for the new generation of writers, artists, photographers, musicians, and inspirations. Today, we want you to see the Muse.

May the Muse guide you,

Samuel, EIC


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